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Loyalty Program Software

The Loyalty Software Program is designed to compliment your Loyal Clients in every way. It bring Customers an easy to use privilege insta card packed with special rewards and benefits.
We Offers :

  • Loyalty Program Software.
  • High Quality Cutomer Card.
  • After Sale Service.
  • Complete layout of Successfully Implementation this Program.


Customised Software Solution

Custom Software Development of CarSake is designed for your specific business requirements which will be a great help for your achievement of business objective. A simple software package is not enough for today’s multi-faced businesses. Our expert technical team understands your application requirements thoroughly, prepares architecture, develops, tests and finally implements it. We rely on industry-standard software development practices and rigorously test the applications to ensure defect-free delivery.
We Offers :

  • ERP based solutions.
  • Phone Synched Web Application.


Dynamic Responsive Frame Websites

The days of your website being viewed solely on a desktop computr are over. Mobile devices are the new reality and your site needs to cater all types of devices andscreen sizes to maintain your brand positioning.
We Offers :

  • Multi Device (Screen) Compatible.
  • Synchronized Menu Bar.
  • Dynamic Controls.
  • Includes Emails, Hosting and Domain charge.


Mobile Applications

As more people are beginning to use mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for every task that used to be only capable on desktop, one thing has become clear: mobile is taking over Internet surfing. And, it's not even just surfing. It's everything from browsing social media outlets, checking emails and doing some online shopping.
We Offers :

  • User Friendly Mobile Based Interface.
  • Phone Synched Web Application.


iPhone Applications

An iPhone app is a computer program designed to run on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads . Most such devices are sold with several apps included as pre-installed software, such as a web browser, email client, calendar, mapping program, and an app for buying music or other media or more apps.
We Offers :

  • User Friendly Applications
  • Great design and interactive interface


Parts Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a computer-based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.It is a tool for organizing inventory data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets. It is often associated with and is similar to distribution software, as distributors that can compete with less cash tied up in inventories have a distinct advantage over their competitors.
We Offers :

  • User Friendly Multi User Interface.
  • Parts Order, Receive and Counter Sale Functionality.
  • Real Time Reporting.


Lead Management System

Lead management is a set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. Lead management facilitates a business's connection between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that advertising. These processes are designed for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies.
We Offers :

  • Track Flow of Inventory via Sales Department.
  • Inventory Aging Indicator.
  • Performance Indicators to increase productivity.
  • Daily real time sales reporting.


Inventory Tracking Software

When a product is in a warehouse or store, it can be tracked via its barcode and/or other tracking criteria, such as serial number, lot number or revision number. Nowadays, inventory management software often utilizes barcode, radio-frequency identification (RFID), and/or wireless tracking technology.
We Offers :

  • Track flow of inventory via multiple locations.
  • Synchronize with Bar Coding System.
  • Mobile Update via SMS regarding Inventory Flow.


Dealership Finance Management System

Financial Software or Financial System Software is special application software that records all the financial activity within a business organization. Basic features of this system not only includes all the modules of accounting software like accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledger, reporting modules and payroll but also to explore alternative investment choices and calculate statistical relationships.Primarily, the goal of the financial software is to record, categorize, analyze, compile, interpret and then present an accurate and updated financial dates for every transaction of the business.
We Offers :

  • Individual & Departmental Profitability Contribution details.
  • Cost analysis for dealership operation.
  • Management reporting and interpretation for better business understanding.


Insurance Renewable System

The importance of renewals for an independent insurance agent can't be stressed enough. It’s that residual income that ultimately makes launching your own agency worth the early struggles. But don’t take that to mean you can keep generating commissions without some effort. Keeping existing policies in effect takes prompt and proactive customer service.
Our Software helps members stay on top of the renewal process by:
We Offers :

  • Creates a process to attain higher penetration rate.
  • Excel upload for easy database creation.
  • Management Reporting and interpretation.


Short Code Service

Short codes (also known as short numbers) are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from certain service providers' mobile phones or fixed phones.Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers. Like telephone numbers, short codes are unique to each operator at the technological level.
We Offers :

  • Two way Interaction via 56161 gateway
  • Enhance marketability of your business


Mass SMS & Email Marketing Software

Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.
We Offers :

  • Upload bulk data via Excel spreadsheet
  • Send at a click of a button


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation plays a critical role in web commerce. Without this set of techniques, most websites would be unable to acquire high rankings in searching results. Due to dishonest manipulation of these methods in the past few years, major search engines and directories have overhauled their search algorithms to rely less on certain characteristics of a website that SEO services reinforce.
We Offers :

  • Assists you get noticed on Google, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • Helps promote your business via online advertising.


Email Services

In today’s business world customers, clients, partners and vendors gives a lot of importance to your company image and professionalism. Having your own e-mail id same as your company’s domain name gives you a much better professional image while communicating with your existing as well as new customers. For better understanding your e-mail id should be you@yourcomapnyname.com
We Offers :

  • Get unlimited emails for your business
  • Unlimited space for your emails

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All our products have been developed with extensive support of our Clients. Our products target real time Automotive Dealership issues and concerns thereby helping our clients to smoothly run their operations. Through our products we make sure that our clients get a smooth run in their business. Our products are both Online and Offline based. All our softwares are customized as per the requirements of each of our clients so that it best fits their needs.

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